Sunday, May 29, 2005

XTECH 2005

I did a day trip to XTECH 2005, where I was presenting on WS-CAF. A very long, but interesting day.

I wasn't presenting until later in the day, so Edd asked me to chair one of the earlier sessions of the day. The presentations I chaired were "Adoption of UBL in Denmark - business cases and experiences" and "Implementing Web Services for Healthcare - Lessons & Pitfalls", which were both very interesting for similar reasons. Firstly, they both talked about the use of ebXML in the public sector (ebXML is a big effort, so if you want to know which aspects of it they're using, I'd encourage you to read the papers), and secondly, the key to their success was pretty much the same: legislation! In one case, any Netherlands company wanting to send invoices to the government has to do it electronically and were given 8 weeks to implement the necessary support within their organisation. I forget the actual figures at the moment, but the government did a "time and motion" study of invoicing and reckoned they could say $100 million annually by doing this. And it all seems to be working!

They were both extremely interesting presentations and the audience asked some good questions that helped to pull more information from the presenters. Overall, I think this time I probably found the chairing experience more interesting than presenting!

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