Thursday, October 13, 2005

Just back from JBoss World 2005

We're a JBoss partner and have been for a few years. We went to JBoss Two a couple of years ago and there were maybe 100 people, so it was interesting to see the much larger attendance at this year's JBoss World in Barcelona. I'm not sure what the official figures are, but I'd reckon that there was in excess of 300 people, crammed into 3 presentation rooms. There were some good presentations and it was interesting to see the enthusiasm on the faces of the attendees.

The most interesting presentation I saw still confuses me slightly: it was presented by a group of belly dancers at the Elephant. I think they were trying to demonstrate vertical sector take-up of JBossAS, but something got lost in translation. It was definitely the most well attended presentation of the whole conference!

OK, it was a party! I admit it!

I love Barcelona, but the airport is definitely not designed for the rapid transit of passengers. It's as if someone built a city highstreet and remembered after the fact that they hadn't put on the departure gates! Good exercise I suppose.

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