Saturday, April 19, 2008

QCon London 2008

It's a bit late, but here's a quick summary of QCon London 2008. Although I've been an InfoQ editor for a couple of years, this was my first time at a QCon and I was impressed. The presentations I saw were all packed and technically very good: there was none of the "product placement" that you tend to see more and more at conferences. Even the vendor pavilion was less of a car salesroom and more another opportunity to share technical discussions. I was impressed.

I jumped across the tracks during the days I wasn't presenting. However, on the Thursday I stayed with my track. Given what I'd heard about the same track at the last QCon, I was expecting a lot of controversy. However, this time I think the community has moved on and accepted that one size doesn't fit all, which coincidentally was the subject of my presentation. The entire day of the track went well and I thought all of the presentations came together very cohesively.

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