Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nearly two years as CTO

A cross post. A quick summary: thanks Sacha!


Sacha Labourey said...

Thanks Mark and congratulations on the job, you certainly "didn't screw up", au contraire.

After the RHT acquisition (which wasn't completely a breeze...) the various project teams shielded from the acquisition wave by FOCUSING on their projects, an not necessarily on the overall JBoss story/platforms. That led to great project innovation but I think the overall platform somehow suffered from this hyper-focus. Since you took over, you and the team have been able to really bring a new wave of energy to the platforms (as an aggregation of all of those great smaller projects). This is IMO what leads to the pretty amazing work going on with JBoss AS 7.0.

So that's great :) Congratulations



Mark Little said...

Thanks again Sacha, and you're continuing to do a great job with CloudBees!!