Monday, July 31, 2006

SCA update

We're now a member of the SCA consortium. I'm going to blog on SCA and what it means for us as soon as I find time, but in the meanwhile it's interesting to read what the press think.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Middleware for Service-Oriented Computing Workshop CFP

Middleware for Service-Oriented Computing Workshop
of the ACM/IFIP/USENIX 7th Int. Middleware Conference

Published by ACM

November 27 - December 1, 2006
Melbourne, Australia

Submission Deadline: August 10, 2006
Author Notification: September 14, 2006

Call for Papers:

Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) is an emerging computing paradigm utilizing services to support the rapid development of distributed applications in heterogeneous environments. While the immediate need of middleware support for Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) is evident, current approaches and solutions mostly fall short by primarily providing support for the Enterprise Application Integration aspect of SOC only and do not address other important aspects. Furthermore, non-functional properties (like dependability and security) and Quality of Service (QoS) need to be addressed in terms of integrated middleware support. Thus, the topics of particular interest for our workshop include, but are not limited to:

* Architectures and infrastructural principles of middleware for SOC
- "Traditional" middleware functions (replication, transactions)
"revisited" for SOC.
- Middleware support for data integration in SOC.
- Middleware support for dynamic and flexible service re-configuration,
re-composition, and re-engineering during run-time in accordance with
an extensible set of QoS properties and policies.
* Quality-of-Service (qualitative and quantitative)
- Service-level Agreement (SLA) middleware, QoS negotiation and
agreement, contracts, composition of QoS requirements, QoS-aware
service composition.
- Middleware support for end-to-end dependability, security, fault-
tolerance, replication, high-availability, mission-critical systems.
- Middleware support for mobile computing and pervasive services.
- Middleware languages and protocols for non-functional properties,
composability of non-functional requirements, support for explicit
trading of non-functional requirements and constraints.
* Service management and monitoring
- Autonomic capabilities and self-properties
- Measures and metrics for autonomic capabilities.
- Service governance across organizational boundaries.
* Business-oriented services computing
- Run-time support for business policies and rules.
- Adaptive workflows, aspect-orientation in process design and execution
(including BPEL).
- Middleware support for cross-organizational services computing.
- Trends impacting Middleware for SOC: Open-source, software
commoditization, solution outsourcing.
- Evaluation and experience reports

Workshop Program Chairs:

Karl M. Goeschka (Vienna Univ. of Technology, Austria)
Schahram Dustdar (Vienna Univ. of Technology, Austria)
Frank Leymann (Univ. of Stuttgart, Germany)
Stefan Tai (IBM T.J. Watson, USA)

Program Committee:

Gustavo Alonso, ETH Zurich (Switzerland)
Mark Baker, independent consultant (USA)
Boualem Benatallah, UNSW (Australia)
Francisco Curbera, IBM (USA)
Wolfgang Emmerich, UC London (UK)
Pascal Felber, Universite de Neuchatel (Switzerland)
Harald C. Gall, Univ. Zurich (Switzerland)
Yanbo Han, ICT Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)
Manfred Hauswirth, EPFL (Switzerland)
ValÈrie Issarny, INRIA (France)
Mehdi Jazayeri, Univ. d. Svizzera Italiana (Switzerland)
Bernd Kr‰mer, University of Hagen (Germany)
Mark Little, JBoss (USA)
Heiko Ludwig, IBM Research (USA)
Rui Oliveira, Universidade do Minho (Portugal)
Maria Orlowska, UQ (Australia)
Mike Papazoglou, Tilburg University (Netherlands)
Fernando Pedone, Univ. d. Svizzera Italiana (Switzerland)
Jose Pereira, Universidade do Minho (Portugal)
Bruno Schulze, Nat. Lab for Scientific Computing (Brazil)
Steve Vinoski, IONA (USA)
Sanjiva Weerawarana, WS02 (Sri Lanka)
Eric Wohlstadter, University of British Columbia (Canada)

Detailed information can be found at