Tuesday, October 01, 2013

HPTS 2013

Just back from a JCP-EC meeting, JavaOne and HPTS. Whilst I enjoyed them all, HPTS has to be my favourite. Unfortunately this year its schedule conflicted with JavaOne so I wasn't able to attend either event fully. But even just the 3 days that I was at HPTS were well worth the trip: it's a great workshop where you get the chance to meet people from all areas of our industry and talk without fear of confidentiality. "What's said at HPTS stays at HPTS".

I had the privilege of presenting again this year, on the topic of transactions, NoSQL and Big Data. I was also chairing a session immediately afterwards on a range of topics including hardware transactional memory. Overall the sessions are great, but it's the dinner and drink discussions that are the real value around the workshop. And it's a great chance to catch up with friends I tend to only see once every two years!