Thursday, November 18, 2004

Gartner mentions WS-CAF

I was speaking to Eric last night. He's been attending the Gartner conference/summit on Web Services in Florida. (Probably better weather than we're having here in DC.)

He told me that Gartner said that there were only 3 technical committees in OASIS at the moment that are doing anything worth watching, and one of those is WS-CAF.

I wonder what the other two are ;-) ?


Anonymous said...

Mark, good to read your blog! i think i've found the relevant Gartner article. Looks like WS-Events, WS-Addressing and WS-CAF are the three hot topics.

Mark Little said...

Thanks Thomas for that. I had wondered. Strange though, since WS-Events and WS-Addressing aren't in OASIS. Never mind. Still nice to have WS-CAF mentioned as important enough to watch. Hopefully it'll be important enough for people to use/implement!