Thursday, June 02, 2005

End of the Grid TX road?

There's been an effort going on at the GGF for a while now into transaction management for Grid applications. The initial idea was to clearly define the requirements space for transactions in Grid (are they different from Web Services, for example), then to take an objective look at efforts that have been going on elsewhere (e.g., Web Services) and finally to say whether or not those efforts are suitable. Ultimately, if the existing work wasn't deemed suitable for Grid transactions, the group would define a/some new transaction protocol(s); I think this last bit was always potentially the work on something that would come after us, rather than for this group.

Well, we're finally coming to the end of the road on this phase of the work. It looks like in the next few weeks we'll have a good report on everything up to, and including, recommendations for any future effort in this space by the GGF. It doesn't look like we'll be defining any new protocol(s) afterall, but if the GGF decide that some are needed after reading the report, hopefully it will be useful input to the next phase.

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