Saturday, October 01, 2005

Web Services sessions

It was funny and gratifying the number of times I either heard about the need for Web Services sessions or talked with people about that subject during HPTS, and from some widely diverse individuals. No one I talked to disputed the requirement and everyone wanted standardisation. Maybe we're not doing a good enough job of advertising or it's an affect of insular company policies, but only about 50% of them had heard of WS-Context. Fortunately it didn't take long to describe what it is and to convert more people to The Cause. Let's hope it leads to some wider adoption of the technology.

One of the common (though not exclusive) themes that seemed to lead people to WS-Context was trying to use Reference Parameters and WS-Addressing in general, to achieve sessions with more than one participant and which spanned multiple invocations. It reminded me a lot of the paper we wrote on Web Services sessions. Greg, Anish, Hal and I have been finishing up the two papers on the subject that were accepted for XML 2005 and ECOWS 2005. More good opportunities to spread the word.

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