Friday, November 18, 2005

WS-TX face-to-face meeting

I'm on my way back from the inaugral OASIS WS-TX face-to-face meeting. I think the two day meeting went well - certainly better than expected. Eric is one of the chairs, along with Ian, who I've worked with before on the CORBA Activity Service and it's J2EE equivalent. It's a small world!

Eric has some interesting comments on the face-to-face. I'd just like to add that after the meeting I'm even more convinced that WS-CAF has a lot to offer this new TC, both in terms of experiences gained and as a place to do additional work, such as heuristics.

Greg also has something to say on the subject, but I think WS-Coordination isn't the right building block for sessions: it should be WS-Context. Greg also has a reference to the XML 2005 presentation he just presented, based on our paper.

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Anonymous said...

Mark, In an ideal world, I would agree without reservation. However, WS-Coordination is unlikely to be refactored to use WS-Context. A simple relaxation to WS-Coordination where the Registration Service reference is made optional would provide the same essential building block for multiparty collaborations that do not require participant graphs.