Friday, December 16, 2005


Since I'm now the Development Manager for JBossESB (amongst my roles), I'm obviously interested in things such as JBI and SCA and how they might relate. So I've been collecting articles.

Here's a nice discussion by Edwin Khodabakchian. Another by JJ (BTW, congratulations on the more to SAP JJ).

Obviously both Oracle and SAP are co-authors on SCA, so for those people who thing the above articles may not be 100% objective, there's an interesting one here, that makes a stronger statement concerning the overlap between JBI and SCA.

There are some Gartner comments here and here.

And finally one analysts take on a fairly obvious missing co-author, with which I agree.

Any more, please post to the comments.


Anonymous said...

Its interesting to see that virtually everyone with a techical understanding of this space seems to be having a eureka moment about SCA (perhaps because of the natural affinity to technologies like BPEL, ESB or WSM?) I'm curious, however, to learn if you have an opinion yourself....


Mark Little said...

Do I have an opiniont? Is the Pope Catholic? Greg, we've known each other long enough for a) you to know I've got an opinion, and b) me to know that you asked a loaded question ;-)

I have to first admit that I haven't completely read the SCA specifications yet (hey, there's a lot there and I'm still juggling JBoss start-up stuff as well as WWW 2006 papers [remember those reviews ;-)]). However, I have to admit that I like what I see so far with SCA and although initially I did think there was more of an overlap with JBI, I don't necessarily see them as direct competitors any longer.

I think one way to put it might be: if you've got a JBI implementation, then SCA still makes sense at the higher level. If you've got an SCA implementation without JBI, then it may be that JBI isn't a requirement for you.


Anonymous said...

Yes, of course, you're right (about the question). I guess you've also known me long enough to know sometimes I can't help myself ;-)

Mark Little said...

OK, so ignoring the "subtle" dig at the WWW 2006 reviews (which need to be in in less than a week), what do you think of my answer ;-)?

Anonymous said...

I would agree with what you said. My opinion is that a lot of the churn around JBI and SCA as competitors is mostly needless; I tend to think that SCA will be more important than JBI simply because it is targeted at a higher level value proposition. For our part, we will work to make sure that JBI is aligned with the broader SCA model. And for the record, I'm in the middle of reviews!

Bryce Lin said...

There are more links:

IBM DeveloperWorks SCA & SDO

Apache Tuscany Project provides a Runtime implementation of Service Component Architecture, which you can use to run SCA applications. It is currently under incubation at Apache.