Saturday, May 13, 2006

Another busy week ahead

I'm about to leave for JavaOne, where it's going to be an extremely busy week. On Tuesday I'm on a panel session called What's Happening With SOA in Open Source?, where I'll say a few things about JBossESB, there's another JSR Spec Lead Dinner on the evening, followed by the BOF on transactional Web Services that I'm giving with Kevin. On Wednesday I'm giving a number of interviews, plus a press round table event (on standards and Java), before attending the JCP Community Awards event on behalf of JBoss.

In there somewhere I also want to go to a few sessions (as well as the JBoss Party!) It turns out that Greg's in town too, so there will definitely be a catch-up session involved there. I've also just found out that my friend and ex-Arjuna colleague Arnaud will be coming this year, so I hope to see him too.

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