Saturday, December 23, 2006

It's Christmas Time ...

In the words of Band Aid, "It's Christmas time ..." and I'm now officially on vacation (hence the time to write a blog entry!) However, it'll be a busy festive season for me. We're in the final stages of releasing the first GA of JBossESB in January; I'm a reviewer on the Web Services track for WWW 2007 (8 papers!); a reviewer for Dependability and Security in e-Government (2 papers); I'm finalising a new book proposal with a couple of friends; I want to submit a paper to HPTS 2007 (I'm on the PC too); I want to submit a paper to the W3C workshop on Web Services for Enterprise Computing (I'm on the PC for that too). Plus, I'm sure I'm forgetting something!

Anyway, all of this blog writing is taking me away from paper reviews! Back to the grind.

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Anonymous said...

... so the upcomming version of Java Transaction Processing: Design and Implementation will be:
a) Java Transaction Processing - The Phantom Menace (phantom read, of course)
b) Java Transaction Processing - Attack of the Clones(super.clone())
c) Java Transaction Processing - Revenge of the Sith(sit back and relax, we don't need transactions any way)