Friday, July 13, 2007

Feeling old!

Many things can make you feel old. For instance, it's my youngest son's 5th birthday party tomorrow, and yet it seems like yesterday when we brought him back from the hospital.

Then of course there's looking back over the work you've done. These days I tend not to have time to think about what happened last week let alone what happened twenty years ago! So it was actually quite interesting for me to spend time and try to put the various components within JBossTS into perspective for some of our newest users.

I started with the core, then went on to JTA and JTS, finishing with XTS. I didn't say as much as I could (time didn't permit), but the links within the entries cover everything. It was good to recollect for a change.


Michael Neale said...

You missed the obligatory "back in my day, we didn't have fancy XYZ to do ABC, we had to walk through snow, and when we got home, our father would kill us !"

Mark Little said...

Or "back in my day we had to live in a cardboard box!" ;-)