Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A good day's diving!

I took a day off yesterday (which means I only have to take 5 weeks vacation between now and the end of the year!) to go SCUBA diving. It's really hard finding good dive sites in the UK: OK we're an island, but the weather isn't great! Usually it's the North Sea or a lake in North Yorkshire that the Army uses for training. It does get repetitive after a while, so a new site is always nice to investigate. Which is what we did yesterday.

My diving buddy and I had heard about Capernwray, on the other side of the country to us, but somewhere the other divers talked a lot about. It only took us a couple of years to get round to it, but it was definitely worth the trip! A flooded quarry, with sunken planes, helicopters, horses and even a gnome garden. At its deepest it's 21 metres (yes, we went down to check) and the visibility was very good. Managed to get a couple of dives in before heading home. I can see this becoming a regular thing!


Dmitri Maximovich said...

Strange to hear complain about not enough places to dive in UK. I keep reading about wonderful wrecks in around your waters. Have you been to Scapa Flow for example?

Here in Canada we have no better weather than in UK and yet we don't complain! :) Not a Mexico od course, but lots of wrecks to check out.

Safe dives.

Mark Little said...

Yes, but maybe I should have qualified my post: I don't use a dry-suit! So below about 7 degrees I pack it all up for the season because my wet suit can't help me.