Sunday, November 18, 2007

Evolve or die

It's a shame when someone isn't allowed to change their opinions over time without a backlash. In many ways scientific ideas are a really good example of Darwinian Evolution: the ones that best fit the observations continue whereas the others fall by the wayside. But today's ideas and theories may not be relevant in the near or far future and may even be ridiculed by those who come after us. I know that I no longer subscribe to many of the ideas and beliefs I had 20 years ago and like to think that I'm continually updating my thoughts. To do otherwise encourages stagnation. Whether or not you agree with Steve, he shouldn't be vilified for re-evaluating his beliefs based on his experiences.


Michael Neale said...

Never thought of atompub replacing SOAP for REST. interesting that all the big commercial web service providers (google, amazon etc) provide more rest-like interfaces rather then soap (which is how soap was sold). Google use atom I believe for their gdata stuff.

SOAP stands for (or stood for?) Simple Object Access Protocol (?) - even the name gives away the fact that the creators had a bad hangover from the transparent distributed object daze of the 90's.

Mark Little said...

Everyone (especially MSFT) tries to ignore the old acronym for SOAP ;-)