Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Extreme Transaction Processing

I've been meaning to write something about Extreme Transaction Processing (XTP) for a long time, ever since I first read the Gartner report a couple of years ago (I think!). I read it again recently just to refresh my memory and to make sure I hadn't missed something. I hadn't. I'm disappointed. This is hardly extreme ("utmost or exceedingly great in degree") if you've been tracking transaction processing for the past decade or so. Maybe moderate ("of medium quantity, extent, or amount") at best.

So far this seems like another example of hype over substance, which is a shame because I believe there is a need for something truly extreme and paradigm shifting. Needless to say we'll have something to say on that subject later and it will certainly cover the scenarios current XTP users seem to want. However, given the background you can definitely expect much more. Maybe we can call it Beyond Extreme Transaction Processing?

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