Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Nice article on REST

I haven't blogged much recently because I really haven't had the time. The same is true at the moment, since I'm sitting in yet another airport lounge, this time coming back from the first SOA Symposium (hopefully there'll be a blog entry or two from me on that subject later). But I wanted to say that I really enjoyed the latest article from Jim, Savas and Ian. It's been a few years since Jim and Savas worked for me and blogs/articles are often the only regular way we keep in touch. Nice work guys!


Eric D. Schabell said...

I grilled our Architect that visited your talks at the Soa Symposium in Amsterdam, sounds like it was a good time.

Sorry I was unable to make it, would have loved to hear your talk on governance.

Mark Little said...

It was a good conference. Definitely worth going to next year.