Saturday, January 17, 2009

Star Trek interlude

Anyone who's known me for long enough knows that I'm a Star Trek fan. (Not the variety that dresses up as Andorians or learns Klingon!) Being born in the late sixties sci-fi was fairly influential to me in one way or another, with my fondest TV memories coming from shows like Star Trek, Space 1999, Dr Who, The Six Million Dollar Man and Blakes 7.

I still say that the first couple of seasons of The Original Series were better than much of what was created in recent years. So it's with some apprehension that I look ahead to the new movie. I'm definitely not going to prejudge, but I had hoped they would retain some of the look-and-feel of the original.

On thing that has stayed with me over the past few years is a quote from Kirk to Picard from Star Trek Generations (watch the film if you want to understand the context):

"Don't let them transfer you... don't let anything take you off the bridge of that ship... Because while you're there, you can make a difference."

I've found that it applies to more than just starship captains!

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