Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Arjuna and the OTS

A couple of comments on my last reminiscence post got me thinking again. One of the things we use to go on about a lot in the early days of the company was the influence we'd had on standards and particularly the Object Transaction Service from the OMG. If you ever compare the two you'll see that by the time the OTS started Graeme, who co-created the Arjuna project (upon which he also got his PhD), was working for Transarc and involved in the standards definition. I remember visiting him in Pittsburgh a few times during that period and hearing a few horror stories about this brain-dead approach being pushed by vendor X and that dumb idea from vendor Y. But I'm sure it was all fun; it was definitely influential on the industry and me personally. When I came to start pushing the OTS in the OMG I did understand what Graeme had been on about with standards processes!

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