Thursday, April 30, 2009

One thing that goes missing from backups

My mobile phone decided to die yesterday. Bad enough in and of itself, but it's gone in such a way that I can't get access to those little things I take for granted, such as address book! Yes, I have a version on the SIM, but it's way out of date. I only copy from the phone to the SIM when I move phones and that relies on them both being available! I back up my machines regularly. I do the same for my PDA. But it never occurs to me to look at the phone too. I think that'll change now.


Michael Neale said...

I think you know the solution to that problem.... ;)

I won't degrade myself by pushing apple hardware here though (but it has saved me a few times !).

Mark Little said...

I'm thinking about it. The only problem with the iphone ;-) is that in the UK it's locked to a different network provider.

Stefano Maestri said...

Also an androig based Gphone could solve your troubles.