Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Walking with Dinosaurs

I remember watching Walking with Dinosaurs when it first aired on TV and being impressed with the graphics and story. The rest of my family were equally impressed. So when we heard about the Arena Spectacular version and that it was coming near us, it was something we had to see. I took the day off work to make sure no one could plan anything for me to get in the way and we went to see it: well worth it and I'm extremely impressed! So if you like dinosaurs or your kids do then go and see it if you get the chance. If you don't have any kids then borrow some so you won't look out of place!


Anonymous said...

I took the family to see it in my town on June 13. It was great!

Mark Little said...

Even though my 6 year old son knew they weren't real, he was enthralled by everything. We had seats right in the front and when the T-Rex came up and roared he was thrilled!!