Thursday, December 31, 2009

A quick look back over 10 years

It's been an interesting decade as far as I'm concerned. Going from co-creating Arjuna Solutions through the Bluestone acquisition and the Bluestone-Arjuna Labs, then the HP acquisition and the HP-Arjuna Labs, spinning out and co-creating Arjuna Technologies, then the move to JBoss, followed by the Red Hat acquisition, a lot of work around SOA (which dates back to at least JBoss) and finally my new role with the departure of Sacha.

Very busy and despite a few ups and downs, very interesting and a lot of fun. It's not a period where I'd change anything professionally. However, I hope the next decade has somewhat less company movement than the previous! But I'm sure the interest and fun will continue.


john d apps said...

Congratulations, Mark!

We did not have the opportunity to do much together, but the times we did were tremendous. I have never learned quite so much in so little time, nor felt so inadequate:-)

All the best in your new role and may our paths cross occasionally!

Cheers, John

Greg Pavlik said...

I guess the Bluestone deal was about 10 years ago already? Hard to believe that was a decade ago...

Mark Little said...

Thanks John, me too.

Yeah Greg, it's been 10 years! Where has the time gone?!