Thursday, May 27, 2010

My next phone?

Last October I decided to upgrade my phone. At the time the iPhone wasn't available through my provider, so I went with the HTC Hero, running Android. It got good write-ups and I've had an interest in Android for a while. Since getting it I've enjoyed it, but it's not a match for the iPhone. The hardware is too slow, it's not as responsive, the store isn't as good, you can't (couldn't) store apps on the SD card, and there are a few other minor issues.

But I like the phone, so am glad I got it. That is until recently. My phone is running Android 1.5, and over the past 6 months we've seen 2.1 and now 2.2 come out. Now of course I could go and install these on my phone, but the "preferred" route is to get the official release from HTC, which would include their SenseUI, which is a great selling point over other Android phones and the iPhone. Yet to date there is still no official release from HTC for 2.1 and there may never be a 2.2 release for it.

Now I understand that technology can get dated and old things can't always run the new stuff. But just over 6 months after I got it I refuse to believe that my phone is outdated! Maybe this is an HTC specific issue and they really just need to get their act together. But it appears that Google would disagree and that fragmentation is inevitable. If it is then I am concerned for the future of Android.

For now I'll wait to see what comes from HTC. But when my contracts up I will likely move to an iPhone and mark my journey with Android down to experience.


Stefano Maestri said...

I love Android, but for same reasons I'll get a nexus one instead of an HTC (or any other producer) as my new phone.

Mark Little said...

Not sure it'll help since the Nexus is built by HTC. I think the only difference is you won't have the SenseUI, which is really very nice.

Stefano Maestri said...

well, nexus one update are provided directly by google. AFAIK they provide automatic updates and they are quite in time (i.e. froyo will be automatic available in next few weeks).