Monday, August 30, 2010

Coming of age?

Thousands of years ago the coming of age ritual involved hunting and killing (e.g., mammoths or dinosaurs, depending upon which film you believe). Due to changes in a range of things, including society and the fact that mammoths (as well as dinosaurs) died out (maybe related to hunting, strangely enough) the rite of passage changed.

In our household one aspect of our version of this ritual is introducing the kids (my 8 year old now) to the all time great movies. Several weeks ago it was Lord of the Rings, which went down really well. This weekend we started into Star Wars. Of course the first question was which order to play them? Against my better judgement we went with the chronological order, i.e., Episode 1 first. The first two movies went down well with him, though the third was more of a slog, but of course the best movies are yet to come.

However, I realised that although it's been about 8 years since I've watched the movies, two things remain a constant for me: the midichlorian rubbish detracts from the story (what was George Lucas thinking?!) and I still can't stand Ja Ja Binks! But my son loved him! If he loves the Ewoks then all is lost and I think I'll fail him on this rite of passage!

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