Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We live in interesting times ...

To paraphrase Robert Kennedy, "we definitely live in interesting times", or at least you do if you're part of JBoss. What with the language work we're doing around Ceylon, some great work with JRuby over in TorqueBox-land, major improvements in transactions performance, world domination from the Infinispan team (well, most of our teams to be perfectly honest!), strong involvement in the EE7 standardisation process, yet more world domination and great work from the Drools team, and so many other things going, it has been impossible for me to write about them all. We've even seen several of our competitors start to copy our PaaS story in recent weeks (well, they do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!)

I've been meaning to write about several of these items for a while. But what with JBossWorld/JUDCon, working on the long term vision for JBoss, various off site meetings, and a vacation to Orlando (which turned into a successful working holiday), I simply haven't had time. But once we get over conference season I hope to get a bit of breathing room and revisit one or two of them. At the very least I'll be writing more on what I'll be talking about during my keynote, though if you were at my presentation during QCon London then you might be able to make an intuitive leap before then!

In conclusion it's worth saying that in the 6 years that I've been a part of JBoss I can't recall a time when there was as much innovation and excitement within the projects and their communities. This is definitely a great time for us!


Justin said...

Hi Mark,

Remember me from your Arjuna days at Newcastle University? I worked for Peter Philips on Student Registration when yourself and Stuart helped us out with Arjuna. I'm still at the Uni but we don't use Arjuna anymore unfortunately.

Anyway the stuff your doing with TorqueBox looks fantastic! I'm a big Ruby fan and this looks like the perfect platform.

Are you still based in/around Newcastle? If so I'd gladly buy you pint/coffee in exchange for a chat about TorqueBox.



justin.ramel at ncl ac uk

Mark Little said...

Hi Justin. Yes, I remember ... good times ;)

Glad you're interested in TorqueBox. it's definitely a great project and we're getting good responses from the wider Ruby community too. I'm still in Newcastle and the old email address you used back in 199x continues to work if you want to get me directly.