Friday, July 29, 2011

Gone fishing!

I'm on holiday in Canada, visiting my in-laws. Usually it takes me a few days to wind down from work, but it happens and I relax for the rest of the holiday. (Well, until a few days before I cone back, when I start to think about work again!) Access to email is limited usually, as I'd need to borrow time on my father-in-laws machine. That extra effort is usually enough for me to only check email every few days.

Unfortunately this time I brought my iPad and iPhone, both of which I connected to the wifi. Checking email was too easy and as a result I was working every day! Fortunately it only took me about 4 days to realise this (with some not-so-subtle hints from family) and I disabled wifi. This means I can now get on with the holiday. Since we are out in the middle of nowhere this means sitting by the pool reading a book on my (wifi disabled) iPad, or fishing!

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