Monday, August 06, 2012

Tower of Babel

I've been spending the weekend stripping my garage ready for it to be demolished: we're having an extension built which means a new garage. During this I came across some bags that had been stored for over 10 years and was pleasantly surprised when I looked within: lots of old school and university books on physics, chemistry, maths and computer science. The latter contained a number of language books that I'd used since I started with computers way back in the late 1970s and it got me thinking about what languages I've learnt and used over the years. So at least for my own edification, here they are in roughly chronological order (ignoring domain specific languages, such as SQL):

Basic - various dialects such as Commodore, zx80, BBC.
6502 machine code.
Lisp, Forth, Prolog, Logo.
68000 machine code and others ...
Pascal-w, Concurrent Euclid, Occam, Ada, Smalltalk-80.
C++, Simula.
Java, Python.
D, Erlang.
Io, Ruby, Ceylon (still a work in progress), Scala, Clojure.

There are probably others I've forgotten about. Truth be told, over the years I've forgotten much of several of the ones above as well! But now I've found the books again, I'm going to refresh my memory.

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