Saturday, December 18, 2004

What next in the weird and wacky world of Web Services?

So we've got SOAP, UDDI, WS-Addressing (almost), transactions (one flavour or another), coordination (two), workflow (BPEL and CDL), WS-Context, security, and a host of other specifications (not many standards yet). Question is: what's next? Life-cycle is an obvious one, though there are more ways of doing it wrong for SOA/Web Services than of doing it right, so I'll hold my breath for now. Persistence? Surely a back-end implementation choice. Trading? Maybe - no, it's not the same as UDDI. QoS - Policy should cover that.

Maybe we're reaching a plateau and the plethora of specifications will be subject to Darwinian evolution. One can only hope.

If you've any ideas about the sorts of things you like to see (or really hate to see), drop me a comment.

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