Monday, December 06, 2004

XML 2004 paper and presentation available

Well the people at IDEAlliance who hosted XML 2004 have put the papers and presentations online. (No idea why they are hosted at different places!)

The paper that Doug Bunting and I wrote on WS-CAF is available here and the presentation is here. As we said on the day, if you only walk away from the paper/presentation with one thing then I'd hope it is that there are some pretty important holes in the current Web Services architecture. WS-CAF presents one possible solution to some of these holes, but as with most things in computer science, there are other possible ways solutions. But it's the problem space that is important: without generally agreed upon solutions, Web Services are going to continue to be fragmented and disjointed.

Anyway, overall it was a pretty good conference, so I'd encourage you to check out more than our paper.

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