Monday, February 20, 2006

Busy week

I'm sitting in an airport on the way to the States for a number of meetings. First up is a stop-over in Seattle, where I'll take timeout to catch up with Savas; I haven't seen him since our trip to HPTS last year, so it'll be good to grab a coffee (something we used to do fairly regularly). Then it's dinner with Jim, before the real work begins. When I'm finished in Seattle, it's a flight to San Jose, and the JCP Executive Committee meeting. It's my first such meeting for JBoss, so I'm looking forward to that. After another business meeting in San Francisco, it's a redeye to Atlanta. I arrive there at 7am Friday morning, with the intention of giving a series of talks about transactions (caffeine permitting!) Then it's home on Saturday. Like I said: busy!


Anonymous said...

So how did your week go in the States? ;-)

Mark Little said...

Funny you should ask ;-)

I met some cool JBoss people for a start, and managed to see from the inside what really going on in the OSS market. Definitely worth the trip, despite the jet lag!

Then I ended up giving a 5 hour talk on JBoss Transactions to some of the JBoss folks at HQ in Atlanta. That was actually pretty cool too: lots of interest and Q&A. And happy hour on Friday evening was a nice way to wind down.

The only downside (apart from the jet lag) was that I planned on doing a bit of shopping on Saturday before I flew out, but it rained continuously. And guess who didn't bring a raincoat?!