Friday, May 11, 2007

JavaOne 2007

I'm at JavaOne once again, to give a couple of BOFS (one on transaction bridging with the other members of the JBossTS team and one on JBI 2.0. Over all I haven't been as impressed with the conference this year as in previous years, but maybe I've just chosen to go to the wrong presentations and BOFs. Plus, why why why why why can't Sun manage to set up a decent wireless network for the conference? For a company who used to talk about The Network is the Computer, they do a pretty bad job of it year on year!

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Anil Saldanha said...

Last year's J1, the wireless connectivity was quite good. My impression of J1 last year was "BORING". Around the time, I was returning back from a trip to Amsterdam, after a presentation at ApacheCon Europe 2007.