Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Woo Hoo!!

Some good news. I don't think I have to do an acceptance speech, but I'm really glad to be on the team. SCA is definitely an important industry standard in the making.


Michael Neale said...

Great news indeed.

I presume this means you are part of the OASIS committee? The link you posted is for private access only though, so I can't be sure ;)

Mark Little said...

Grrr, damn annoying cookies ;-)

Yes, there were 7 seats on the OpenCSA (SCA) committee. 4 of them are permanent seats (IBM and friends) and the other 3 were up for vote.

Mike Davison said...

Congratulations Mark.

After reading your excellent book Enterprise SOA: Concepts, Challenges, Recommendations, I was wondering if you'd agree that SCA would be a useful part of the "virtual platform" you and the other authors describe? I've been playing with the tuscany stuff from apache and in doing so I've come to think that things like compoent wiring, policy based transaction and conversation management, etc. are exactly the type of concerns you'd want the virtual platform to handle.

Thanks for the great book!