Saturday, April 19, 2008

Diving at long last

It's been really difficult to find the time and the weather to go diving. With the 6 month clock ticking, we finally bit the bullet and got wet. The weather wasn't great, so we opted for Ellerton again. Although my dive computer said it was 9C certain parts of my body registered much lower! Whereas others were diving in dry suits, we were roughing it in our 5mm wet suits. We managed to get nearly an hour dive time despite the temperature. And I'm sure my hands were blue when I started!

I love diving for a number of reasons. Not least of which is the silence and ability to think about things while I'm down there. I managed to resolve a few issues I haven't been able to get to during my normal working day and a couple of new blog entries will be coming as a direct result. Now it had better not be another 6 months before my next dive!


Michael Neale said...

9C ? And you went in with a wetsuit? You are either completely mad, or hard core ;)

Mark Little said...

Desperate more like!