Saturday, April 19, 2008

OPENflow deserves another chance

While we were dutifully working on Arjuna, Arjuna2, JavaArjuna, OTSArjuna and other things, Stuart and Santosh (amongst others) were also hard at work on OPENflow. As with many things we did back then it began life as an attempt to improve standards: this time workflow in collaboration with Nortel (and was better received by users than the competitor specification from the WfMC). Over the next few years it went much further than the original submission and became one of our product offerings. Although the research and development took a bit of a back-seat to the JTS development when we were acquired by Bluestone, it still managed to be cutting edge.

Unfortunately when we were acquired by HP they already had a workflow product (Process Manager Interactive). The decision was taken to stop OPENflow and that was essentially that. (It was also the point that HP Middleware, a predominately Java-based division, decided to mothball our C++ transaction service.) But even today OPENflow offers capabilities that modern equivalents could benefit from. Quite a few capabilities to be perfectly honest. I think it's time to revisit past decisions and re-learn forgotten techniques!

I haven't even begun to blog about B2B Objects yet, either.

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