Monday, October 19, 2009

Interesting discussion on SOA Manifesto

I mentioned earlier that I'm on a group collaborating to create a SOA Manifesto along with Steve. Well as part of the effort to inform the public and solicit feedback I produced something for InfoQ. The result of that is a very useful discussion on the comments to that article, which I encourage anyone interested in the SOA Manifesto to check out. Unfortunately I was in Boston last week in meetings so didn't have much chance to participate in the discussion, but as Steve points out, we'll certainly take it to the working group. Thanks to everyone who participated!


Anonymous said...

Almost as good as SOA 2.0. Almost. Good work.

Mark Little said...

Ouch ;)

I obviously see a big difference between SOA 2.0 and the Manifesto. I only hope the message can be communicated a lot better.