Sunday, October 11, 2009

SOA Manifesto Working Group

As a member of this working group I can only really second what Steve has to say on the subject.


Srihari said...

Hi Mark,
While I am a nobody and my comments may not influence the overall scheme of things nevertheless something struck me as I saw the names in the working group.

As usual the names from the "vendor" side of the SOA world are heavily dominating that list. I think the effort and the outcome would gain more credibility if it includes thought leaders from organizations that have been "actually" helping enterprises implement SOA.
More specifically I would have loved so see names like Steve Vinoski and Jim Webber!

Mark Little said...

Hi Srihari. I'm not involved in deciding who is involved in the manifesto, but I'll certainly pass on the comment. However, it's wrong to think that those involved currently haven't been helping enterprises implement SOA: they have and sometimes for longer than those not on the working group. And the definition of "thought leader" can certainly be applied to some of them too.

Mark Little said...

Oh and one last thing: I don't believe in "nobodies" ;-) If you've got relevant experience then it's valuable, so let us/them have it. The working group must be all encompassing and the good "thought leaders" come from engineers/implementers, building up their experiences over time.

Steve Ross-Talbot said...

For all those nobodies out there, Mark and I are listening and I am sure all of the other signatories to the manifesto are too. We do tell them :-)