Sunday, March 14, 2010

Every Cloud has a silver lining

I've already stated that I think there's a lot Cloud can learn from the past and yet there is also more evolution of current approaches to come where Cloud is concerned. However, that doesn't mean that adding a little bit of Cloud pixie dust to everything immediately makes it better or more relevant.

I'm one of the reviewers for a special journal issue on Engineering Middleware for Service-Oriented Computing. Unfortunately several of the papers I've read seemed to be under the assumption that adding the words/terms 'Cloud' or 'SOA' to their works would make them relevant, when in fact it had almost the opposite effect. It didn't work with other technological waves such as Web Services or Java. If your work is relevant to a specific technology or a range of technologies then it should be obvious from the start and attempts to artificially push the reader into joining mental dots or making "intuitive leaps" reflect poorly on the author.

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