Monday, March 14, 2011

HPTS 2011 Call For Papers

Call for Participation

14th International Workshop

on High Performance Transaction Systems (HPTS)

October 23-26, 2011

Asilomar Conference Grounds

Pacific Grove, CA

The ubiquity of the Internet and the proliferation of "smart" devices have led us to a world where large, scalable, data-intensive systems -- once the rarified domain of mainframe computers and financial institutions -- now permeate virtually every industry. Social networks, online ticketing systems, and massively multiplayer online games are just a few of the applications regularly used by hundreds of millions of users that depend daily on such systems. System architects and engineers face increasingly complex challenges: larger scale, lower power, more client heterogeneity, etc. In addition, the skies are rapidly "cloud"ing up -- and some of the world's largest systems are being built from parts or platforms that are "non-traditional" in nature. The "NoSQL movement" is upon us, data analytics are running on thousand-node clusters, and almost every one of our traditional assumptions is being questioned by a new generation of data system architects.

Every two years, HPTS brings together a lively and opinionated group of participants to discuss and debate the pressing topics that affect today's systems and their design and implementation. Past workshops have included topics such as emerging directions in systems infrastructure, new applications, and current developments in software and technology. The topics are limited only by the imagination of our participants. The workshop will include position paper presentations, panels, moderated discussions, and significant time for casual interaction. And of course beer.

We ask potential participants to submit a short (two paragraph) technical summary, a one-page position paper, or an abstract of their current work. Submissions can present a viewpoint on a controversial topic, a summary of lessons learned, experience with a large or unusual system, an innovative mechanism, an enormous problem looming on the horizon, or anything else that convinces the program committee that the participant has something interesting to say. The submission process is purposely lightweight, but we require each submission to have only a single author.
The workshop is by invitation only and is limited to approximately 75 participants. The submissions drive both the invitation process and the workshop agenda. Participants may be asked to be part of a presentation or discussion session at the workshop.

Send submissions, in plain text, to no later than 11:59 PM (EST) April 1, 2011.

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